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Summer 2021

See under the Swedish language tab for current prices.

Also due to the pandemi we can´t offer breakfast, it´s only possible to book accomodation.


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See you at Fårö

We welcome all types of guests to us. Conferences, private guests, partys and more. Call or email us for more information.

Welcome To Fårö Kursgård

Fårö Kursgård started as a camp during the second world war. In the beginning of the 1950s FBU (Swedish Federation för Voluntary Defence Education and traing) began to use the campsite for education and training. During the years after that Fårö Kursgård has expanded into the Conference centre of today. Gradually, as the National Defences has reorganized and the economic frames are smaller the Kursgard has changed direction and are now a facility for education as well as a place for civil guests to spend their hollidays. 

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